Vegetable-based egg white powder from France is now being marketed in Japan – Same functionality as chicken egg white –

The global spread of avian flu has increased the price of eggs, and it is likely that it will take more time for the situation to be brought under control. In Japan, since the first domestic case was confirmed on October 28, the fastest ever this season, 80 cases have occurred in 26 prefectures as of March 14, 2023, and approximately 16.12 million birds have been subject to culling. The price increase of eggs, which are rich in nutrients and have been called an “honor student” of prices, could have a significant impact on consumers’ dietary habits.

In this context, NICHIFUTSU BOEKI K.K., which imports and sells food and beverages, has decided to start handling “YUMGO”, a plant-based food with functions equivalent to those of eggs, produced and sold by a French start-up company. In line with this decision, the company began selling “YUMGO Blanc Powder,” which has functions equivalent to egg white, from February 2023.

“YUMGO” is already available in France as a plant-based alternative to egg white, egg yolk, and whole egg, in liquid and powdered forms.Now available in Japan is “YUMGO Blanc Powder”, a powder form that can replace egg whites.

Plant-based powders made from potato protein and vegetable fiber can be stood up like egg whites and used in a variety of cooking applications, including confectionery and bread making. It is a groundbreaking food in that it was created through extensive research and development with the goal of realizing a “delicious plant-based product”.

Plant-based sweets have traditionally been considered inferior in taste compared to recipes that use egg whites. However, by utilizing plant-based foods that have the same function as egg whites, it is possible to create sweets that everyone can enjoy, including vegetarians and vegans.

With the recent increase in the number of foreigners visiting Japan, it is essential for the tourism and restaurant industries to respond to globalization.In particular, many people have dietary restrictions due to health reasons such as allergies or chronic illnesses, in addition to religious and cultural backgrounds.

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According to the “Food Allergy Report (FY2021)” by the Consumer Affairs Agency, the top five allergenic foods were eggs, milk, tree nuts such as almonds and pistachios, wheat, and peanuts, accounting for more than 80% of the total. They were followed by fish eggs, fruits, crustaceans, fish, soybeans, and buckwheat. For those with egg allergies, egg-free foods such as “YUMGO” will help them enjoy their meals with peace of mind. In the future, it is important for restaurants to actively incorporate plant-based ingredients to meet the growing need for food diversity.

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