Old tableware is reborn with coloring – Used for breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant –

Tableware is an indispensable necessity for hotels and restaurants. Stone and clay, the raw materials for ceramic tableware, are depletable resources, and high-quality resources are already becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. In order to continue to provide customers with carefully selected dishes, including tableware, the entire food industry needs to rethink the conventional linear business model of mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal, and shift to a circular business model that recycles resources with as little waste as possible.

On the other hand, tableware used in restaurants is being discarded even if it is not cracked or chipped due to wear of the picture or minor scratches on the surface. Many people may have had the experience of disposing of such dishes with a sense of guilt because they could not use the dishes with a sense of use, even though their function was not affected. The Thousand Kyoto, the flagship hotel of the Keihan Group, has launched a new initiative to address this issue.

THE THOUSAND KYOTO announced on May 17, 2023, that it will ” recolor ” old dishes that have been sitting in storage and use them for breakfast at its restaurant, SCALAE.Approximately 50 pieces of tableware used about 13 years ago at the adjacent sister hotel, the Century Hotel Kyoto, will be re-colored and used as newly designed tableware.

This initiative was undertaken with the aim of achieving “sustainable comfort” not only in terms of the food itself, but also in terms of the tableware used at the hotel’s restaurant, SCALAE, when it was renovated for breakfast.

The company involved in the recolor project is “Nikko company“, a long-established manufacturer of tableware that promotes recycling-oriented tableware production. The old tableware that was sleeping in the warehouse was also made by Nikko. The tableware is carefully crafted one by one at the company’s factory in Ishikawa Prefecture, and is used in hotels and restaurants around the world. The company’s own tableware, which had developed small scratches on the surface due to years of use and daily washing, was collected and re-colored. This is the first time that Nikko company has recolored hotel tableware.

According to the 2022 ordinary citizen Sustainable Purchasing Behavior Survey conducted by Hakuhodo Inc. 90.8% of all ordinary citizen said they buy items that can be used for a long time. Also, 77.7% of respondents answered that they “repair and use usable items instead of buying new ones right away,” and 75% of respondents answered that they “buy with care so as not to waste resources. This indicates that the idea of “using one item carefully for a long time” has become widespread among many people.

Rather than frequently replacing inexpensive tableware to keep it clean, it is likely that using one item for a long time while reworking it, as THE THOUSAND KYOTO does, will resonate with a greater number of customers.

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