The ” #Single use Planet” mugs produced by Nikko Company (“Nikko”), a ceramics manufacturer that operates this web media, have been selected as a finalist in the top three series of the “Tableware International Awards of Excellence” in February 2022. The mug was selected as a finalist in the top three series of the “Tableware International Awards of Excellence” in February 2022.

#Single use Planet is a ceramic mug that pays homage to the disposable plastic coffee cups that have long been familiar in the Japanese business world. The material is NIKKO FINE BONE CHINA, which is lightweight, unbreakable, and long-lasting. Nikko has positioned #Single use Planet as a “cup-shaped media” with the message of reducing plastic and taking care of our one and only planet. In collaboration with brands, companies, and artists who are committed to social good initiatives as well as the general public, Nikko is currently communicating the importance of the global environment. A portion of the proceeds from #Single use Planet will be donated to a non-profit organization that addresses the issue of marine plastic.

The “TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE“, organized by “TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL”, the world’s leading trade magazine for ceramics and porcelain, honor tableware that is innovative, well designed, functional, original, and has a story to tell. #Single use Planet was recognized in the INNOVATION category for its well thought-out design and environmentally friendly ideas. This is the 5th award, and Nikko has won for five consecutive years. This is the first time that Nikko has been evaluated from the perspective of “environmental friendliness”.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has reduced the number of face-to-face encounters, many Japanese companies still serve tea to visitors because of the importance of hospitality. In a survey conducted by ASKUL Corporation in 2021 regarding how companies handled visitors to their workplaces after the coronavirus pandemic, 76.6% of all respondents said that they continue to serve tea regardless of the form of service. This is an opportunity for a company to show its attitude toward visitors. If possible, it is best to choose tableware that is conducive to communication.

[Reference site] “Calling to Care for the Earth” media-shaped mug was selected as a finalist in an international contest. This is the fifth consecutive year that Nikko has won this award.
[Reference site] ASKUL Business and Research Specialist Team, Actual situation survey on “Coronavirus Pandemic in the workplace visitor handling (tea serving, etc.)” to find out the needs in workplaces nationwide.

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#Single use Planet

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