World’s First Gelato Made from Air – Now Available in Singapore Restaurants –


The world population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. This population growth will increase the demand for livestock animals, which are the source of animal protein, and the large amount of grains that feed them, leading to a “protein crisis ” around 2030, when the balance between protein supply and demand will be disrupted.

As a solution to this protein crisis, various start-ups and major companies around the world are developing “insect diets” and “plant-based (vegetable) foods” as alternatives to animal protein.


Solein, a unique protein made from air, is attracting attention from Solar Foods Ltd., a Finnish food tech company whose mission is to “revolutionize global food production”. Founded in 2017, the company developed Solein, a microbial protein, through a proprietary bioprocess that supplies carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen, oxygen, and small amounts of nutrients to microorganisms.

Normally, sugars and other nutrients are used as a source of nutrients when microorganisms ferment to produce proteins, but in the production of Solein, CO2 is used. Solein is not dependent on weather or land availability, does not depend on natural resources, and is produced using renewable energy, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly foodstuff.

In addition, Solein’s composition is 65-70% protein, 10-15% dietary fiber, 5-8% fat, and 3-5% minerals, and it is also highly nutritious, containing all essential amino acids.

On June 15, 2023, the Singapore-based restaurant “Fico” will begin offering chocolate gelato made with Solein.

Fico’s chef partner Mirko Febbrile said in a news release, “We had the great opportunity to be the first team of chefs to introduce a unique gelato to the world, We experimented with a variety of menu items such as pastas, sauces, miso soups, and desserts to explore the possibilities of Solein. As a result, we were able to create a creamy vegan gelato without the use of dairy products, and Solein gives us the opportunity to reimagine the food chain in a way that benefits the planet without sacrificing taste.” He commented.

Solar Foods Ltd., the company behind Solein, signed a letter of intent for a strategic alliance with AJINOMOTO CO., INC. The company will begin product development using Solein and marketability verification in Singapore in fiscal 2024.

For many of us today, the daily routine of eating the latest food tech alternatives may still seem a long way off in the future. However, with the actual introduction of this technology in restaurants and its use by major companies such as Ajinomoto, the day may soon come when it will become a familiar presence in our daily lives.

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