“INDOOR”, a new brand of plant factory vegetables, is launched -Educing environmental Impact and ensuring stable supply-

Environmental issues such as climate change and global warming are among the factors causing natural disasters. According to a study by the Cabinet Office, between 1970 and 2008, natural disasters affected an average of 160 million people worldwide each year, killing about 100,000 people and costing more than $40 billion.

Naturally, frequent droughts, floods, and other extreme weather events will have a negative impact on crop production. As a result, a stable supply of food may become impossible, and hunger and poverty may worsen. In recent years, there has been a global call to establish a sustainable consumption cycle based on the twelfth goal of the SDGs, “Responsibility to Produce, Responsibility to Use,” in addition to measures to combat climate change.

In this context, “Spread Co., Ltd.” has established a new brand “INDOOR” to realize sustainability and healthy living as “food for the future,” and will launch a series of plant-factory vegetable products from March 2024.

Currently, plant-farm vegetables are sold in many supermarkets, and demand is growing. Therefore, Spread Co., Ltd. has embarked on technological innovation to meet diversifying consumer needs. Based on the new technology, the company developed the INDOOR brand as a new-age product based on the themes of sustainability and wellness.

INDOOR aims to deliver the future of sustainable food from “indoors = INDOOR” under the brand concept of “friendly to people and the earth, so you can keep going”. In developing the brand, the company placed particular emphasis on new product value. The company aims to differentiate its products by creating value not found in conventional plant-farm vegetables.

The new “INDOOR LEAF” is a 200g large leaf lettuce. Amid soaring vegetable prices, the price per weight has been kept lower than that of conventional products. In addition, it is produced without the use of pesticides and through the clean cultivation environment and thorough sanitary management of the Techno Farm automated production system, so it can be eaten without washing.

In addition, the company has adopted “Ecological Pack,” an environmentally friendly packaging. This eco-friendly packaging, which can be folded and used continuously, has reduced the amount of plastic used by approximately 17%.

“INDOOR SALAD” series is a fresh-cut, pesticide-free, clean-grown lettuce product.

The new Techno Fresh cleaning technology and freshness-retaining packaging technology extend the expiration date up to 6 days. This will help to reduce food loss since the product can be used up without wasting. Another advantage is that customers can choose from two types of packaging to suit their dietary needs: “Fresh Bowl” top-seal packaging and “Fresh Wrap” degassing packaging.

Vegetable cultivation in factories can provide a stable supply of high-quality food throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. It also allows for efficient use of farmland area, energy, and water resources, thereby reducing environmental impact. The expansion of such sustainable agricultural production is expected to address the issues of climate change and food crisis.

In addition, INDOOR brand is also available in commercial sizes for restaurants. Why don’t restaurants and hotel restaurants adopt plant-farmed vegetables like INDOOR to improve the quality and safety of their food with stability, and to attract customers who are interested in ethical consumption?

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