Palace Hotel Tokyo to sell dish and hand-washing soap upcycled from waste oil of the hotel


Traveling is a unique opportunity to escape from the daily routine and refresh your body and mind, whether by visiting tourist attractions or enjoying a resort stay.

After the coronavirus pandemic, new travel trends such as “hokansu,” “location tour trips,” and “sauna trips” have also emerged. One of the most notable is “sustainable tourism”. Sustainable tourism refers to tourism that is adapted to the demands of visitors, industry, the environment, and the host region, while giving full consideration to current and future environmental, socio-cultural, and economic impacts.

According to the February 2022 “Sustainable Travel Awareness Survey” conducted in 11 countries around the world, including Japan, approximately 90% of all respondents said “they are aware of whether or not they are sustainable when they travel.” Respondents from Japan and Australia, in particular, have shown a sharp increase in interest in sustainable travel over the past two years.


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As interest in sustainable travel grows, so does interest in hotels that are committed to sustainable practices. In this context, the sustainability concept of “entertain the future” is “Palace Hotel Co., Ltd. “.

Palace Hotel Co., Ltd., operated by “The Palace Hotel Tokyo” offers a stay plan that includes a special dinner using Tokyo vegetables and organic vegetables, breakfast with carefully selected ingredients with low environmental impact, and special treatments using domestic oils, as an experience that allows visitors to spend time in wellbeing while staying at the hotel. The hotel is also committed to a wide range of sustainability initiatives, including the use of original wooden room keys for guest rooms that can be taken home as souvenirs.

Palace Hotel Tokyo

Kruhi’s amenities include a botanical soap shampoo, botanical treatment, and all-way new balm from the sustainable cosmetics brand Kruhi. Kruhi’s amenities are chemical-free, made of 100% natural ingredients, and are the first in Asia to be Green Salon certified, making them friendly to both people and the environment.

In June 2023, the Palace Hotel Tokyo and Kruhi will collaborate to create a new dish and hand washing soap, Candy Forest Dish & Hand Soap.

The Candy Forest Dish & Hand Soap is made by upcycling waste cooking oil from hotels. In addition, the bottle is made of recycled-efficient aluminum material that could not be used to sell Kruhi’s existing products. As a dish soap and hand soap, it prevents rough hands and provides gentle washing comfort. The concept and stylish appearance of the products, which make people want to explain them to others, are expected to be popular as gifts. The products are currently available at the Palace Hotel Tokyo’s official online store.

[Palace Hotel Tokyo] Official Online Shop

Palace Hotel Tokyo

Meeting such expectations will become increasingly challenging as consumers’ interest in sustainability grows.

The collaboration was born out of the resonance between Palace Hotel Co., Ltd.’s sustainability concept of “entertain the future” and Kruhi’s desire to create “nature in the palm of your hand that is comfortable for the environment and people”. The development of this new product is a meaningful example of the synergy that can be created when like-minded people cooperate with each other and utilize their respective roles, functions, and technologies.

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