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ニッコー ボナースファーム

The ” Circular Economy ” approach aims to achieve economic growth without increasing the environmental burden by recycling resources by taking things that have been discarded in the conventional economic model and reintroducing them into the production process as valuable resources.

The EU announced the establishment of a common EU framework for sustainable economic growth and job creation, centered on the “Circular Economy Package,” a policy adopted in December 2015. Behind this move is the growing seriousness of environmental problems in many parts of the world caused by resource depletion, increasing amounts of waste, and other factors.

circular economy

The world now considers it essential to make a mid- to long-term transition from conventional mass-production, mass-consumption, mass-disposal economic activities to a circular economy.

As the importance of realizing a circular economy is gradually spreading in Japan, Nikko company, a long-established manufacturer of western tableware founded in 1908, aims to transform the entire industry by working on the circulation of whole-cluster tableware.

The company is engaged in various initiatives based on the principles of the circular economy, including the production of high-quality tableware that can be used for a long time, the recycling of tableware through recoloring, and a subscription service for tableware. BONEARTH “, a fertilizer made from recycled discarded dishes, was commercialized. The company is conducting cultivation research using BONEARTH in a plastic greenhouse on the grounds of its headquarters in Ishikawa, Japan.

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On May 13, 2023, the “NIKKO BONEARTH FARM,” a farm in Ishikawa Prefecture that grows vegetables and rice, was launched and a seedling planting event was held.

On the day of the event, about 20 employees and their families participated. “Green Support Demura Corporation” a rice and vegetable grower in Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture, the participants did all the preliminary work, including setting up hoses for watering and covering the plants with mulch sheets, which are plastic sheets for cultivation. After that, they planted eggplants, mini-tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, and other plants while sprinkling BONEARTH. Potatoes were also planted.


White powder is BONEARTH

Experiments have shown that BONEARTH absorbs the proper amount of phosphoric acid as nutrients due to the citric acid that plants produce from their roots on their own. Even if too much is put in, there is no worry that it will hinder growth, and it can provide plants with nutrients in a stable and continuous manner. Furthermore, it is hygienic because it is made from crushed dishes manufactured in accordance with the Food Sanitation Law. Even people with no knowledge of agriculture and small children can have a safe growing experience.

Participants said, “It was a good opportunity for us to work together with people from other divisions and departments of the same company, with whom we do not have much contact in our daily work”. A child who normally doesn’t like vegetables is now looking forward to trying the vegetables he planted. “I am happy to have been able to participate in this sustainable initiative. We heard a variety of comments from the participants.


The development of BONEARTH was born out of an employee’s desire to ” use Nikko tableware, which is carefully made one by one, in a new way instead of discarding it after it has finished its role as tableware.”

The Circular Economy cannot be realized by one person or one company alone; it is essential to involve more people. To this end, gaining the empathy of the company’s employees should be a very important first step. As in the case of Nikko Corporation’s event introduced here, conveying the company’s stance through actual experiences may provide an opportunity for employees and those close to them to think about the circular economy.

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[Reference Site] [Event Report] BONEARTH Farm – Vol. 1 – Seedling Planting Experience Event! / BONEARTH, a fertilizer made from tableware

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