In recent years, as each and every consumer has become increasingly aware of the dangers of environmental and social issues, many companies and organizations are turning the corner toward sustainability.

While it is important to start with something small, there are limits to the range of ideas and the scale of efforts that can be made by individual efforts alone. In some cases, it is difficult to see the accuracy of activities and the degree of progress, which can lead to misunderstandings that the activities are greenwashing.

Recently, in order to achieve these goals, in addition to individual efforts, it has become important for “society as a whole” to engage in “social efforts ” by sharing various opinions from perspectives that transcend industry sectors and positions.

BONEARTH Community

Against this backdrop, tableware manufacturer Nikko Company announced on September 4, 2023, the launch of a new community , “BONEARTH CIRCULAR COMMUNITY”.

Nikko, a long-established tableware manufacturer founded in 1908, has developed and marketed “BONEARTH”, a sustainable fertilizer created from discarded tableware.

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BONEARTH Community

(Left) BONEARTH (Right) Experience event

BONEARTH CIRCULAR COMMUNITY was created with BONEARTH as its starting point. Producers who use BONEARTH to grow vegetables and rice,restaurants that aim for sustainable procurement,consumers interested in sustainability, the community is a place where people from all walks of life can connect with each other and have fun while thinking about a sustainable “future of food “ through events and other activities. There is no need to register as a member, and anyone can participate in various ways.

A special website for the community has also been launched, where visitors can learn more about what they can experience in the community based on the three words “grow,” “eat,” and “connect, ” as well as view interviews with members from different industries, including farmers, restaurants, elementary schools, and manufacturers.

In the future, the center plans to disseminate a variety of information, including hands-on and exchange events, information on partner farmers (farmers who use BONEARTH as a fertilizer), and examples of restaurant matchmaking.


BONEARTH Community

“NIKKO BONEARTH FARM” a farm in Ishikawa Prefecture that grows vegetables and rice on loan.

Although the community has just been launched, plans are underway to crowdfund to expand the community’s activities in the near future. We will increase contacts with various people and develop this as an opportunity to make friends and create business matching for the realization of the circular economy.

By utilizing this kind of community, working together with people who have different perspectives and knowledge, and interacting with them as like-minded people, we will be able to see what the “future of food” should be.

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