Circulation supporter recruitment begins -Upcycling to create a circulation model for coffee bean dregs-

コーヒー アップサイクル

Have you ever heard of the “Coffee 2050 Problem“? “Good coffee”, an inseparable part of the restaurant business, may not be readily available in the future due to climate change and various other problems.

Some of the things that restaurants can do to help solve the Coffee 2050 problem include sourcing sustainable coffees that are Fairtrade or other certifications, and using a buy-sell agreement service with producers.

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Coffee Upcycle

Also, incorporating “upcycled products” as food ingredients or store fixtures may be an easy first step to take. The “UP COFFEE CHALLENGE” project aims to improve coffee sustainability through such upcycling, and on January 15, 2024, the project operator, Col Inc. launched a “circulation supporter system” to create a circulation model for coffee bean grounds.

Coffee Upcycle

Under this supporter system, upcycling partners upcycle coffee bean dregs generated by cafes participating in the UP COFFEE CHALLENGE as supporters. The upcycled products are then sold at the storefronts of supporting cafes and restaurants, and customers are encouraged to purchase the products, thereby making effective use of the coffee grounds instead of throwing them away.

UP COFFEE CHALLENGE is currently recruiting “Café Supporters” (as of February 2024). At the start of the supporter system, the number of stores has been capped for the time being in order to prioritize the stable operation of the system. As of February 8, 15 stores have applied for the program, and the company has increased the number of stores to 20 and is continuing to accept applications.
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“Pepe Coffee” in Manazuru, Kanagawa Prefecture, has been selected as the first “Cafe Supporter” for the launch of the supporter system. Since January 15, Pepe Coffee has been selling key chains with a coffee bean design made from upcycled coffee bean dregs after brewing “Manazuru Blend” at the space next to the cash register.

Manazuru Blend is an original blend of rare East Timorese and Brazilian beans, with a rich, full-bodied, fruity finish that evokes the rich nature of Manazuru Town. The owner-barista, Mr. Matsuki, uses “PEACE COFFEE,” a fair trade organic specialty coffee from East Timor, with the hope that “everyone, from producers to consumers, will be enriched and feel a sense of richness in their lives. The blend was created with the hope that everyone, from producers to consumers, will be enriched and feel a sense of richness in their lives.

Coffee Upcycle

The UP COFFEE CHALLENGE will start with a recycling model in which coffee bean dregs are upcycled as a new product, and in the future, it aims to develop into a model in which coffee bean dregs are used as fuel and fertilizer, and roasted coffee beans and cultivated vegetables and fruits are recycled. In the future, the project aims to develop a model in which roasted coffee beans and cultivated vegetables and fruits are recycled.

In addition to the key chain introduced here, the company is developing a variety of upcycled products that make effective use of coffee grounds after extraction and coffee cherry peels (cascara), which are mostly thrown away in the coffee-producing countries, and the lineup is still expanding.

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By incorporating these upcycled products, we can contribute to the realization of a circular economy, and it will also be an opportunity to start new conversations with our customers.

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[Reference Site] Cafe Supporters Wanted for Creating a Coffee Bean Dregs Recycling Model

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