Ishikawa Prefecture launches rental service for paintings created by artists with disabilities.


A “society where no one is left behind” is what we should aim for in order to realize a sustainable society. One of the goals of the SDGs is to “promote the empowerment and social, economic and political inclusion of all people, regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economic status or other circumstances, by 2030. . promote.” The policy states.

Toward achieving the goals of the SDGs, Japanese local governments and private companies are making various efforts to embrace diversity.

One of the examples of diversity is “disability”. According to the reference material “Status of Persons with Disabilities” in the “2008 White Paper on Persons with Disabilities” published by the Cabinet Office, the approximate number of persons with disabilities in Japan is 9.36 million. Although it is not a simple total, it states that approximately 7.4% of the population has some kind of disability.

The figure of 7.4% indicates that people with disabilities are familiar to everyone. If we can deepen mutual understanding between people with and without disabilities, we can create a society that is easier to live in for everyone.

Against this backdrop, Ishikawa Prefecture began a project to lend artworks created by people with disabilities from December 1, 2023. Through this initiative, the prefecture hopes to continue the momentum of “the 23rd National Art and Culture Festival for Persons with Disabilities” held at “the Ishikawa Hyakumangoku Cultural Festival 2023” from October 14 to November 26.

“Art Rental Ishikawa”, operated by the nonprofit organization “Community Support Center Polepole,” is a service that allows private companies and public facilities to rent artwork by people with disabilities. A total of 58 works by 49 artists, including students at special-needs schools and users of support facilities for the handicapped, are available for rent as reproductions. The rental period starts from one month, and the monthly fee is 4,000 yen per work. The rental period is for one month, and the fee is 4,000 yen per item per month. Applications and consultations are available on the Art Rental Ishikawa website.

More people can easily enjoy art in the space where Art Rental Ishikawa exhibits its works. For people with disabilities, it is a great opportunity to express their individuality and talent through art. In addition, the creation of new communication through the companies and stores that rent artwork will encourage the social participation of people with disabilities.

In addition, for each rental, the artist is compensated 1,000 yen, which is the monthly fee minus expenses and other costs. The system of returning profits to people with disabilities supports their financial independence, and at the same time, protects and nurtures their creative motivation.


The Japan Charity Association calls the art of people with disabilities “para-art” and aims to discover and nurture their sensible expression and talent. This concept of respecting disability as individuality will be essential for sustainable coexistence with diversity.

Because of the rental nature of the initiatives introduced here, the artwork can be replaced periodically, creating an opportunity to communicate to customers each time. For restaurants and hotels, displaying creative artwork is likely to lead to differentiation from other restaurants.

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